Message to My People: We White Men Must Abdicate Power, Wealth, and Influence… and Step Aside

My Brothers,

I think I understand you.  I am motivated by the same hopes and fears.  We aspire to succeed because we just want to have enough and to provide security to our families.  Enough space, enough resources, and enough time… the life and liberty to pursue happiness. We believe this to be a universal motivation and expect others to compete for the same goal.   

Our family tree needs space to grow.  In a forest some trees naturally outgrow all others. What we don’t realize that a tree grown too large always falls, and leaves only dead space in its shadow. Our aspiration, and the competition it creates, is the tiny fractal that tessellates into white supremacist late stage global capitalism.  McDonald’s grew from the best hamburger to a distributor of poison. Walmart grew from the best family store to a global enslavement company.  We are the most successful invasive form of life this planet has seen.

Our aspiration has saturated foreign environments and expands backward into its cradle. We are now part of the impoverished global labor market we helped create. Other men who are the best at our beloved competition accumulate more and more leaving us with less and less.  Why are we surprised?  They are our heroes: the Kochs, Buffets, and Jobs among us.

As the mystic warns: “The arrow we have thrown returns against us. (1)”  If we can hear it, this is a prophetic message.  It comes to us in those small moments before sleep, in that extra second you linger outside the workplace on Monday morning. Something is not right. Our shortsighted morality is grinding on the gears of late stage capitalism. 

Our ethos ends with our grandchildren fighting on the last tip of poisoned earth for the last Egg McMuffin before the dead oceans swallow up the victor.

Remaining a cog in such a system of death is wrong by every human ethic.  I can’t do it anymore. I appeal to our precious reason. Do you trust a murderer with weapon? A thief with a lockpick? A rogue state with an army?  We have overthrown 14 democratic governments and decimated 4 entire nations. As executives and board members we have ushered in the sixth great planetary extinction. And we continue to push down, at any cost, those who are not like us. Our system of competition co-opts every attempt to amend it. Neither legislation, philanthropy, cultural criticism, nor charity can any longer address it.  The reasonable thing to do with such perpetrators is remove their means of perpetration.

In the name of human survival, white males can no longer be allowed to hold office or own property.  

Does this seem unfair? It is. We must unleash the full weight of our privilege against itself. This is the only moral act left available to white men. We must use the structure of our own supremacy to cancel itself out… then we must step aside.  We must close the loop. We must save the world… from us.

“Perhaps this sentiment is not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom.(2)”  But information proliferates, coral faces extinction and our own cities flood. Time makes more converts than reason. 

Before this message recedes into your curated river of information, consider for just one moment that you have the possibility to change the world. We are born into the world of the privileged, with all the actual capacity to effect change with simple and easy actions. Let us use our wealth and privilege for one good and true act, let us show history that we were not all bad. If we can’t, if we won’t remove ourselves from power, then we deserve to be deposed by any means necessary.

Today, Columbus Day, let’s “discover” a new world: one we didn’t drive to extinction. 

Eric Paul Carson

(1)  Kurdish Proverb. date & author unknown

(2)  Paine, Thomas. Common Sense. 1775-1776. p. 1

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