Eric Carson

The Leaden Thistle

  1. Career

    Date 06 Apr 2018
    To survive under late capitalism, all institutions must ceed capitalist critique (if any originally existed) to the point that they remain marketable: able to be sustained by and contribute to the global marketplace If they don’t, their donor funding will cease, their neoliberal federal & state funding will be pulled away, and we will stop…

  2. Koan (blasphemy)

    Date 22 Mar 2018
    All prophets are false prophets, but some are also true. 

  3. Teleos

    Date 22 Mar 2018
    Your life has meaning beyond the horizon of your personal influence.  To negate this is to accept the ethos of the parent society. . . . To embrace it is to become free in a terrifyingly consequential way.

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